Find out what CRM can do for your enterprise with a CRM demo

Customer relationship management systems have become an indispensable tool for an impressive number of businesses functioning the in the industry of sales. Due to the extensive range of daily responsibilities such an organization faces, dealing with productivity concerns is sometimes inevitable. If your enterprise has been under a lot of pressure lately, and you are no longer able to keep management to an optimal level perhaps you should try a CRM tool for yourself. With the possibility of opting for a CRM demo, you do not even have to make a financial investment until you have actually discovered the utility of such a system. These are the positive things you will discover during an initial demo trial:

Improving the image of your brand through better customer experience

Although the goal of any sales enterprise is to offer its customers the best experience, from start to finish, it can be rather difficult to make a positive change in the customer service department without extra support. CRM can have the role of improving your brand’s image by bettering the overall customer experience. With on the go, immediate access to all customer data, when one of your customer service department representatives takes a phone call, solving the issue presented rapidly and streamlined will become possible. Customers want answers and support, and they want it in a fast pace, and CRM will help you do that.

  • Instant access to extensive customer information
  • All data is updated and accurate
  • Ability to use the necessary info to provide rapid solutions to customer inquires
  • Optimizing customer experiences according to purchase history, needs and preferences

Automation of processes – productivity boost

From updating customer info to sending mass emails manually, there is a wide range of routine tasks your employees have to take care of on a daily basis, although their main job responsibilities should not revolve around these processes. Although still essential, these types of routine tasks can take a lot of time and patience, which means your staff’s focus on the actual purpose of their job will be lowered, and this will affect productivity and of course profits. A customer relationship management system, such as the bpm’ online or InStream one, will have a role in process maneuverability as well.

  • Automation of a wide range of routine tasks
  • Time effectiveness
  • Job focus
  • Productivity boost

Marketing support

If your marketing efforts have started to be less effective, perhaps a change is demanded. Customer relationship management software products can influence this part of your business as well. Maximizing both marketing resources and efforts will be possible. You can reduce the usual costs you have been putting into marketing, while the results will be better than the ones you have been receiving at the moment, which means it will be a win-win situation. You will no longer be using resources on customers that are not likely to show an interest in your products.

  • Delivering demand generation excellence
  • Automating mass-email marketing campaigns
  • Accessing essential information for customized campaigns
  • Targeting restricted client base, depending on preferences and purchase history
  • Using customer profile to tailor promotions and offers

Reporting and analytical data

The analyzing and tracking of customer buying habits requires a lot of time, and regardless of how large your enterprise might be, you probably do not afford wasting a lot of your time to handle this type of task. Well, CRM will give you the opportunity to benefit from automated reporting and analytics. This type of software product will handle this marketing responsibility thanks to the platform that will be sorting all of your customer data. Reports will be made, and you will be able to easily figure out which of your products are selling better, and what customers are purchasing them. Understanding your sales pipeline better can make a tremendous difference in the further success of your business, allowing you to make any changes that can contribute to the effectiveness of your business’ marketing choices. Also, the tool can give you a clear picture on the activity of your employees as well. You will learn who is doing a better job and identifying possible snags.

Information organization

A sales enterprise needs to constantly be characterized by effective informational organization. Any issues in this department affects the efficiency and productivity of your business. As soon as you install a CRM demo, you will notice how easily you will be able to organize all of your data. You can store an extensive list of clients and any relevant details about them, and all of the information can be categorized and quantified. The advanced technology a customer relationship management systems has will do wonders in terms of in-house information organization, providing comprehensive advantages.

Improving the satisfaction of your employees

Whether it is your sales department or your marketing team, the implementation of CRM will function great as a boost in your staff’s satisfaction. Because through process automation and increased coordination across teams, the job of your employees will automatically be simplified, receiving positive feedback from their part will be a natural outcome. Although this might not be the ultimate reason or purpose of using this tool, it is certainly a plus that you should think about.

  • Process automation – ability to focus on important job activities
  • Effective coordination and communication between departments – ability to do a better job and handle projects more successfully

Even if you might think your organization is running smoothly, after you discover how useful a CRM tool can actually be, you will be able to notice the immense difference. Because you might fear this is an investment that is not worth making, you can always opt for a CRM demo, which usually comes free of charge or at an affordable fee. The right vendor, such as bpm’ online, will give you the chance to try out its customer relationship tool, offering enterprise a free demo trial. Give it a try, and you will certainly not hesitate to implement this system permanently.