Effects of Winstrol on Women

Athletes and body builders are not just restricted to males but has females as well in this genre. They have a different segment altogether and is very popular just like men athletes. So, when it comes to women, they too consume steroids and drugs to make their body strong and competent. Winstrol is a steroid which is popular and from the anabolic genre. It is loved by women as it has androgenic effect on the body at a lower end. This is very less as compared to any other steroid in the market. Androgenic steroids have an effect such as deep voice and hair loss which is not a good sign for women athletes specifically. Winstrol has a virilization effects in girls but is still famous for two major qualities. One is to reduce fat and the other is to give a lean body mass effect.

Winstrol and its effects

Winstrol as discussed has low androgeic effects which makes it popular among women. Anabolic steroids have shown to develop masculine effects in the body even for females such as deepening of voice and hair growth on face and chest. But there are ways to consume them as a dose lower than usual can show some great effects on the body. In fact, it helps them to show rigor in their performance from the start. The virilization effects in girls makes it a less likely drug to be used. Winstrol has a rival which is Anavar and is said to be a great steroid for women. Winstrol has more side effects as compared to other steroids. But it can be reduced if you supplement your intake with Stanozolol. If you are using the steroids for cutting purposes, then you can see the results as men do. Winstrol is majorly used for losing weight and gaining the best body ever.

For athletes and body builders it is important to maintain the body in a lean shape and get strong and hard muscles. They need to ensure that the dosage is right as women are a little less supportive of drugs as compared to men. It is known that 10 mg every other day for 5 to 6 weeks can be a great dosage for women.Natural testosterone is suppressed with consumption of Winstrol. This is the main reason that all athletes and body builders including men need to supplement it with testosterone. There are chances that the testicles contract and will get back to normal when the consumption of Winstrol is stopped. This will not be the case among women as testicles is a male organ. But women are still affected by androgenic effects in a mild manner. The effects of virilization in women can affect their femininity. This can be due to the hair growth in the body, vocal chords deepening, menstrual cycle changes, and enlargement of clitoris. But all this can be stopped or reduced if supplements are used with Winstrol. Just ensure your body reacts in the way it should with all such consumption.